Moving to Switzerland

Among the most frequent questions we are asked by our many customers currently residing abroad is certainly “How can I become citizens living in Switzerland?” . More and more are in fact people who aspire to move the mountains of Lake Lugano, and not only for “financial” matters, in fact, more and more are required for reasons of job opportunities but also for security and quality of life, low crime levels, services functional and efficient, bureaucracy simplified, etc.. A country on a human fact.

To stay for more than three months in Switzerland (the tourist visa does not allow stays longer), you must obtain a special permit.

The first to require is the B permit, it concerns a yearly permit conditional on the fact of being employed or of living really in Switzerland for a sufficient period of time (more than 180 days a year).

Fall into this category living in Switzerland with a job or self-employed, with a salary that will have to meet certain requirements, or the so-called “globalists” (allowed by tax convention), people who intend to move to Switzerland to live there and not to work, living annuity or income based outside the Swiss soil (company administrators, heirs, sportsmen, artists, etc ..) with a declared net capital of at least 1 million Swiss francs and with a declared income of at least CHF 150’000.– per year, to which we shall naturally pay lump-sum tax rates definitely lower than in Europe.

Another way to get a B permit is to marry a Swiss, after 5 years of stay you can obtain a permanent residence permit and Swiss citizenship.

Thanks to bilateral agreements, EU citizens are particularly favored in obtaining work permits and residence, almost impossible for everyone else.

After 5 or 10 years (as appropriate) obtaining the permit B, after leading an exemplary life, without creating problems with the law or accumulated debts, you may request to obtain the permission C, allowed time residential full which has considerable advantages compared to B, including the possibility of buying real estate without passing the LAFE.

The final phase is the acquisition of the Swiss citizenship, which is generally granted after 12 years of residence in Switzerland (or 5 in the case of marriage to Swiss citizens) and after passing an examination of Swiss history and culture and to demonstrate that you have already integrated in the society in which he lives.

Other permits for non-residents..

G permit or permission for the border. This permit entitles the foreign worker to live and work in Switzerland as well as independent and to acquire real estate in Switzerland (subjugation LAFE). In practice, the border can return each night to the place of their residence in the country of residence or to travel to Switzerland on Monday morning and leave the country on Friday evening, without having with it the obligation to re-enter daily his own country of origin. There is also the right to change jobs and / or profession without waiting for any authorization by the authority.

A variant of a fixed term less than one year of a G permit, L permit, the duration of the permit is equal to that of the employment contract. It is not given the opportunity to become self-employed.

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