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Real estate transactions in 2015 at high levels !

Despite the “terrorist” media and the negative forecasts, to date, the real estate market in Ticino, and Lugano in particular, it remains stable, despite a slight decrease on last year and the previous year, 2015 confirms the fourth year anyway for more transactions, with over 4,700 transactions and 2016 is started under the most optimistic expectations […]

Move your company to Switzerland

More and more professionals and foreign entrepreneurs are going or are thinking to initiate or transfer its activities in Switzerland. The main advantages are: – Tax system simpler and not oppressive taxation for companies with around 25% and with a VAT of 8%. Individuals have a withholding, payroll, around 20%. – Bureaucracy extremely simple and […]

Decorate the walls with slogans, some suggestions for home

Decorate the walls of the house with written and letters, a style that is becoming real trend. This week we want to introduce you to one of the trends in the Home Staging and generally in home decor: the decoration of the walls with slogans. But it is not just a trend: it helps potential […]

Moving to Switzerland

Among the most frequent questions we are asked by our many customers currently residing abroad is certainly “How can I become citizens living in Switzerland?” . More and more are in fact people who aspire to move the mountains of Lake Lugano, and not only for “financial” matters, in fact, more and more are required […]

Taxes on the house in Switzerland

Let’s start by explaining that the Swiss system provides, for the residents, a system of taxation at 3 levels: – Federal taxes (the federal government) – Cantonal taxes – Municipal taxes The first is determined by income, income from the other two and the ‘substance’ (so it is called the Capital represented by savings, securities, […]

Often it is best to remove that add

“Often it is best to remove that add”. This phrase attributed to the designer Coco Chanel looks perfect even when it comes to interior design. Otherwise, we can say “less is more “. If you want to sell or rent the house “free” is better than “add”…  

2015, start of the year up to real estate transactions!

In the first quarter of 2015 in Ticino we were made 1,124 real estate transactions. Compared to the same period last year, the number of transactions increased slightly (+60 units ; + 5.6 %). To affect this increase is mainly the transactions of condominiums (PPP), with 584 exchanges in the quarter (+90 units ; + […]

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