Decorate the walls with slogans, some suggestions for home

Decorate the walls of the house with written and letters, a style that is becoming real trend. This week we want to introduce you to one of the trends in the Home Staging and generally in home decor: the decoration of the walls with slogans. But it is not just a trend: it helps potential buyers to remember the property for sale / rent browsing.

We show how our Home Stager Staged Homes declined this trend in their preparations and are sure to give you some useful ideas and original for your properties.

Whether they are made by hand or they are three-dimensional objects or stickers, the writing can fill empty walls and anonymous. You can add character to the wall by inserting a written

Small details, special unexpected messages that pamper the potential buyer and make him feel at home: these are the ideas that will help your home to stay less time on the market.

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